Deron Hills

Deron Hills

Designing The Future

Work spaces that make you work are passé.

Business Central

Long sought after as one of the city’s most desirable residential districts

Bespoke workspaces

the unity of ambience will transform it from office to home.

Designing The Future

Work spaces that make you work are passé. In a vibrant new world Where innovation and creativity decide success. Your place of business defines how your business is conducted and sets the stage for higher accomplishments. Deron Hills was conceived with the vision of creating a business destination that compliments your ambition as attractive within as without. A location that connects businesses to the city and all its landmark destinations with the same ease with which it links individuals and groups within. A design whose architecturally elegant façade is matched by its ergonomically functions interiors. This is no more workplace , it is the space that motivates and enthuses, it refreshes and energises, it impresses and welcomes you to a future that celebrates you.

Business Central

Long sought after as one of the city’s most desirable residential districts. Banner is fast growing in appeal as a business hub as well. And Deron Hills with its unique site location, serenely distant from the hubbub of main road, yet enticingly and conveniently accessible, is positioned proffer businesses the best of both worlds, utilitarian convenience matched by elegant comfort. A strategic location near the expressway, proximity to the IT bastion of Hinjewadi, the industrial areas of Bhosari, PCMC, Chakan, and the profusion of upscale hospitality brands and entertainment options in the area it irresistible to companies looking to make a great impression.

Bespoke workspaces

Be it through size, capacity or impact, business looking to scale up their operations will feel right at home in upscale Deron Hills. With a total area of about 30,000 square feet, it is perfect for companies or institutions looking to address their growing needs. Neither too large nor too small, for a single business occupant Deron Hills offers the unique opportunity of creating workspace that has synergy with the brand it houses across every zone, workspaces, meeting places, or relaxation zones; the unity of ambience will transform it from office to home.
The results will be measurable in the productivity of the operations and the smiles of a satisfied staff.

Make a great first impression

Whether it’s prospective big budget client, an influential financier or a talented resources you’re looking to hire, there’s nothing like making a good first impression to swing the advantage your way. And the air-conditioned lobby is the perfect point to begin. In addition to the cool comfort and security measures, the lobby also provides the ideal setting for brand building, offering strategic opportunities to reiterate everything your business and your brand stand for.Fully air conditioned common areas.

Ambience that works

Raise energy levels, enhance productivity in an environment designed to put its occupants in the mood more!
With its high ceilings, gleaming floorings, and layout that assures a plentitude a fresh air and sunlight, experiencing a higher degree of efficiency at Deron Hills is only natural!
10 ft clear height
Decorative colors
Italian marble lobbies

Wire free, worry free

For business on the go, working chained to a desk is definite no-no! And your office at Deron Hills with its Wi-Fi enabled facility that frees you to perform from any spot on the premises is a sure fire productivity booster.
Plug into the world wide web from wherever you are, and , best of all, no longer will you need to worry about carting miles of wires every time you shift a meeting venue. With the option of using compatible Wi-Fi devices like multi functions printers, not only will you work flow improve, you also save on equipment an installation costs.

Zero down time

For growing business, time is of the essence, and Deron Hills makes sure you are always operating of the highest levels through a slew of efficiency enhancing features, such as bank of high speed elevators that ensures you, your staff or visitors never suffer from wasted time. You’ll never be in the dark either, thanks to the 100% generator back up that powers not just the elevators but the entire building, including office spaces and common areas.

Easy come, easy go,

No matter how congested the road outside, at Deron Hills there’s always room for your car, with unique hydraulic stack parking system that multiples spaces and parking ease in one smooth go. The saving in effort and time will make your office the venue of choice for every meeting, be it business or pleasure.

Security aware, everywhere.

Businesses that value security will experience total peace of mind at Deron Hills, with a multi-tire system of security features that includes manned and automatic measures that minimizes risk 24×7. You’re safe from dangerous elements; human and natural, with a slew of safety devices, such as the advanced fire detection and fire fighting system, integrated into the building design.

Elements of perfection

A seamless amalgamation of vision and execution, Deron hills stands next to perfection, with every facet of its constructions, from the ten foot high ceilings to the Italian marble lobbies, exhibiting exemplary workmanship and the excellence that flows from detailed attention. Italian marble cladding and vitrified / composite marble in common areas.
900 x 900 mm vitrified tiles in individual’s offices.
Powder coated aluminum windows .
Decorative main door.
Water resistant flush door for toilet.
Uniformly distributed electrical lights and power points.
Curtain wall & masonry for externally periphery.

Isometric view*

Deron Hills offers the freedom to customize your interior to satisfy your requirements, whatever your industry; IT, Banking, Medical or Service Sector.